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Elisha, Master Peacemaker and Angels for Today

One of the prophets of the Old Testament in the Bible was Elisha, and he was a towering example of peacemaker and is relevant for us today.  The sixth chapter of II Kings describes how he took part in and witnessed the quick and harmonious end of what looked to be a protracted war between Israel and Syria.  It states that the king of Syria made war against Israel and sent his army to pursue their army.  Through his prayer Elisha was able to discern their plans and warned the king of Israel at least three times where the Syrians were in order to avoid them.

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Thoughts on Libya and Muammar Quaddifi

I would like to point you to this post in James Early’s blog “The Bible Speaks to You”   He tells of how he was healed of fear and hatred, but more importantly, he experienced a sense of love he had never felt before.