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Handling Really Big Jobs

Today’s blog is my article that’s posted on the website for The Christian Science Monitor. Here’s the link: .

Handling Big Jobs

I loved the day my daughter, Erika was married for many reasons, but there was something that happened after the ceremony and reception as people were leaving that I will never forget. Erika and her husband, Mike had a very rambunctiously energetic dog who loved to meet people and share her enthusiasm. If she saw someone she knew or even someone she didn’t know coming into view, she would leap repeatedly into the air and she could leap and bound three or four feet straight up and down. Her name was Carly after Carl Yastrzemski the slugging, 1989 Hall of Fame star of the Boston Red Sox.

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Elisha, Master Peacemaker and Angels for Today

One of the prophets of the Old Testament in the Bible was Elisha, and he was a towering example of peacemaker and is relevant for us today.  The sixth chapter of II Kings describes how he took part in and witnessed the quick and harmonious end of what looked to be a protracted war between Israel and Syria.  It states that the king of Syria made war against Israel and sent his army to pursue their army.  Through his prayer Elisha was able to discern their plans and warned the king of Israel at least three times where the Syrians were in order to avoid them.

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Doing the Impossible

When I think about some of the world’s largest problems including war-torn hot spots, I am tempted to be overwhelmed.  The underlying problems seem so enormous and they have gone on for so long with cycles of violence and revenge that a solution or resolution seems impossible.  Even knowing where or how to begin seems beyond reach.

As a child and a young adult although I felt safe in a loving and protective family situation, there was one area of great concern to me which felt totally overwhelming.  My parents, especially my dad, were collectors of everything imaginable.  His thought was grounded in his experience of coming out of school during the Great Depression.  He believed that having things was of great advantage in case you need them, especially if they came to you on sale or from a local retail store dumpster or from things that other people have thrown away that were still useable.

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