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I found this, is it yours?

Not long ago while shopping in the supermarket, I was wrestling to understand the meaning and reason for a situation that have occurred. In desperation I asked God or divine Mind to show me what I needed to understand. Immediately my eyes fell upon a $5 bill that had been dropped. I picked it up and looked around for anyone who looked like they were missing something. I asked a number of people in the aisles whether it belonged to them. Everyone said, “No.”
Then I walked up to the front of the store where the checkout registers were and in front of the registers and asked, “Has anyone lost this $5 bill?” Immediately everyone in line pointed to a man in another line and said, “He did.” When I walked up to him, he was dressed quite slovenly and his smile revealed a lack of dental care. If I had seen his in an aisle, I could easily have tip-toed past him as far to the side as possible.


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A Beginning!

Hi, this is the first entry on this blog. Please leave stories, experience relating to seeing peace come to yourself, your family, your community, your country or our world.