Monthly Archives: March 2011

Thoughts on Libya and Muammar Quaddifi

I would like to point you to this post in James Early’s blog “The Bible Speaks to You”   He tells of how he was healed of fear and hatred, but more importantly, he experienced a sense of love he had never felt before.

Spiritual Diplomacy

I would like to point you to Dave Hohle’s blog post titled: “Spiritual Diplomacy.”  He states: “We can all contribute PRAYERFULLY to harmonious international relations!” His post outlines other specific prayerful and practical steps we each can take to see peace come to the world step by step.

Holding to firm ground

As we look at Libya today, we witness a dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, trying to survive using cruel and unprincipled tactics including intimidation and murder of his own people.  Yet we know that right now God is governing his creation absolutely and that his government is totally good.  How do we distinguish what we know to be true in the spiritual domain with what is happening on the human scene?

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