Monthly Archives: July 2011

Doing the Impossible

When I think about some of the world’s largest problems including war-torn hot spots, I am tempted to be overwhelmed.  The underlying problems seem so enormous and they have gone on for so long with cycles of violence and revenge that a solution or resolution seems impossible.  Even knowing where or how to begin seems beyond reach.

As a child and a young adult although I felt safe in a loving and protective family situation, there was one area of great concern to me which felt totally overwhelming.  My parents, especially my dad, were collectors of everything imaginable.  His thought was grounded in his experience of coming out of school during the Great Depression.  He believed that having things was of great advantage in case you need them, especially if they came to you on sale or from a local retail store dumpster or from things that other people have thrown away that were still useable.

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