Handling Big Jobs

I loved the day my daughter, Erika was married for many reasons, but there was something that happened after the ceremony and reception as people were leaving that I will never forget. Erika and her husband, Mike had a very rambunctiously energetic dog who loved to meet people and share her enthusiasm. If she saw someone she knew or even someone she didn’t know coming into view, she would leap repeatedly into the air and she could leap and bound three or four feet straight up and down. Her name was Carly after Carl Yastrzemski the slugging, 1989 Hall of Fame star of the Boston Red Sox.

To fulfill her role ring bearer Carly needed to be walked down the aisle in an outdoor setting with the rings tied to her collar. People speculated on how this would work given her extraordinary amount of energy and her short attention span. She had been at the wedding rehearsal, around during the morning preparations and would be at the ceremony and reception. Given her energy and enthusiasm many people who had just met Carly or only knew her casually, had decided to keep their distance from her and go the other way if she started coming toward them. Although at one point during the ceremony Carly jumped up on Erika’s dress, it didn’t matter because after all it was their day.

My wife, Alice and I had agreed to take Carly, for about a week afterwards while Erika and Mike took their honeymoon. Because of our different roles in the wedding Alice and I had driven in separate cars. While I was still working on some final cleanup details, Alice decided she would take Carly home, so she put on Carly’s leash, put her into the car and drove off.

I was there with a number of remaining guests and observed their jaws practically drop open with astonishment at this sight. There were numerous comments about they would never consider such a thing and admiring Alice for her bravery. I knew because of Alice’s clear, spiritually grounded approach to everything that she did, her experience with and confidence around dogs, she would be just fine. I don’t know what Alice was thinking, but I am confident that she had no concern about what she was doing and actually enjoyed every minute of it.

We enjoyed our week with Carly and had a hard time parting with her when Erika and Mike returned. The secret was that once she got over her initial excitement of seeing someone new or someone who she hadn’t seen for a while, she would settle down and be a calm, relaxed and pleasant companion.

For situations that we face today listening to the messages that come from our experience and having a spiritually grounded approach will build confidence. Then we will know what to do in each situation even the ones that look insurmountable. We will see that our unique role will make a difference, blessing many others, and on occasion astounding them.

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